Medicines Administration 2020/2021

• Medicines Administration training will be completed by distance learning for 2020
• We will be launching dates for training soon on
• CPR live sessions will be available countrywide
• Fluenz Tetra intranasal vaccine for children will be administered in community pharmacy. A separate virtual training session will be available

Distance Learning Approach for 2020
In March, we approached PSI with a proposal to consider a distance learning model as a contingency in case of Covid19 meeting / travel restrictions during the training season. This has been agreed and our approach is as follows:
• Bookings will be taken for a Virtual Instructor Led Training course
• You will receive a log-in code specific to the session you have booked
• Using a leading web conferencing platform, you will join with other pharmacists for a skills demonstration and practice session
• After each skill is demonstrated, you will then move into a breakout room with a tutor to student ratio of 1:4 instead of our usual 1:6. This is to give more time for the tutor to work with you to practice and perfect each skill.
• A maximum of 24 participants per session will take part
• Sessions will last 4 hours and will be available mornings, afternoons and also over 2 x 2 hour evening sessions, Part A and Part B
• A training pack of needles, syringes, vials, ampoules, sharps bin, hand gel, wipes etc will be posted to you in advance of the training day
• When you have completed the training session, you will get a link to book an online video OSCE session lasting 45 minutes with one of our tutors. Your training pack will include a separate OSCE materials pack which must be retained until your OSCE session

CPR course will be available nationwide and we will provide you with a link to the American Heart Association online course which must be completed before attending a live skills practice and sign-off session lasting 1.5 – 2 hours. Live sessions will be offered in many towns and cities to minimise travelling and to keep group sizes within social distancing guidelines.

Fluenz Tetra
We expect that the influenza module available on IIOP will be updated to include details of Fluenz Tetra. It seems unlikely that intranasal administration techniques will be added to the Medicines Administration (Parenteral) programme, so we will be offering a separate training session for Fluenz:
• Sessions will be approximately 1 hour and will be in a “watch then practice” format led by one of our experienced tutors
• We will send you a Fluenz Tetra training device to practice on during the session
• The session will be jointly presented by a paediatric or practice nurse who will talk about best practice for administering medications to children
• Sessions will be available from early August and will run until mid-September subject to demand

To book:
• CPR course
• Medicines Administration (Parenteral) training
• Fluenz Tetra course
Log on to or if you are booking for a group log in to your account or request a new account at the same address.
We will contact you as soon as dates are available to book online.

If you have any queries, please e-mail: and we will be back to you as soon as possible.