Workplace Drug Testing

Alcohol and drug abuse is a growing problem in our society. Misuse of alcohol or drugs can impair an
individual’s ability to perform even normal, routine tasks and it also affects their ability to interact socially.
This will impact on all areas of their lives and their workplace is no exception. Even if substances are
taken only at the weekend, their after effects can last well into the working week. The fact that the majority
of substance abusers (74%) are in full time employment makes the management of substance misuse
in the workplace a priority for all HR and Occupational Health Professionals. Hibernian Healthcare are
delighted to offer this service in collaboration with Randox Laboratories. Based in Antrim this accredited
and highly acclaimed facility will provide both the Point of Care sampling kits and all laboratory testing.

Drugs and Alcohol

We test for alcohol and a range of therapeutic and illegal drugs. The test menu can be tailored to suit
individual policies.

Why Test Employees for Drugs and Alcohol?

Given the increasingly widespread availability of alcohol and drugs, companies need to understand and
deal with the potential impact of substance abuse.

When to Test in the Workplace

Companies can develop a testing policy to incorporate one or more of the following: Pre-Employment
Screening, Random Testing, With Cause Screening, Post Accident.

Policy Guide for Employers

We can help you to develop appropriate policies for your workplace.

Commonly Abused Substances
There are a range of drugs that are commonly abused. A section on our website gives further information
on correct names, street names, methods of administration and the effects of the drugs.

Testing Methods
Randox uses cutting edge Biochip Array Technology combined with an LC/MS system for the testing of your
samples. Oral fluid, urine and hair sampling are the most common methods of testing.

Concerned Parents
Hibernian Healthcare Testing Services can help worried parents with this discreet and confidential service.

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