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Hibernian has also developed its own cloud based Patient Management
Record system. The system is highly regarded by Referring Centres and
our clients who appreciate the benefits of a paperless system. This is
backed up by clever use of tablet technology to record and monitor
interactions with patients and present the data in an accessible, secure
way which meets the ethical and practical needs of all who interact with
the system.


The system works as follows:

  • Clinicians at referring centres access the system by secure log on and

enter a patient’s details.

  • The appropriate nurse is notified of a new case.
  • When he or she visits the patient, the visit record is completed on

tablet and is instantly available for clinical staff to view.

  • Patient signs the tablet to confirm the visit.
  • Clinicians/Referring Centres can opt to receive an e-mail notification

that a patient visit has been completed.

  • Additional or follow on visits can be scheduled.
  • Adverse Events can be reported directly via the system.
  • All patient data is viewable by Clinician/Referring Centre.
  • Additional Adherence and Compliance data can be gathered.


Safeguards and Security

  • System fully encrypted to best international standards.
  • No patient identifiers sent by e-mail.
  • Data is stored in Ireland.
  • Patient data only accessible by the referring centre for their own


  • User privilege levels are in place which control access to the system.


Benefits of the System

  • No paper or faxing required.
  • Secure web based system allows all patients in a Referring Centre to be

viewed on a single screen.

  • Real time access for service commissioners to anonymised data.
  • Flexibility to add features or to customise for specific projects.
  • We also offer an e-learning platform with capability to develop bespoke

courses, apps, webinars and training videos which can be hosted on an
individualised Learning Management System.

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