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Our nurses visit insurance company clients at their homes or workplaces to carry out the health screening and blood tests. Reports are available on our secure on line portal within a couple of days. Less administration for insurers with a fast turnaround – request to report in as little as 5 days.


Users find that being able to log on to our bespoke system to input client details saves time. We take over everything from there, contact the client, carry out the medical and any blood tests required, get the blood samples to the lab, collate the blood reports with the nurse report and e-mail you when everything is viewable via our encrypted on line system. Users can be set different access levels to monitor how cases are progressing without being able to see any sensitive information.


The time saved on administration,having a single point of reference, the efficient service levels agreed and the speed and the overall cost compared to the traditional alternatives make this the ideal system for the modern underwriting department.


Primary Medical Attendant Report (PMAR) Gathering


Primary Medical Attendant Report Gathering is a valuable service for the insurance industry. Our IT system allows us to initiate requests from the PMA for the information your underwriters require and then follow up if required to minimise timelines and help reduce administrative backlogs at your customer service department.


Call us to discuss how we can help you to maximise efficiency in your collection of medical information.

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