Hibernian Healthcare have now launched an innovative service that aims to pave the way in which we approach patient support and medical aderence. PHARMACYCARE gives pharmacists the chance to take an enhanced role in providing services supporting patients with medication compliance, and get paid to do so.


The Sharps Management Service will be the first service offered by PHARMACYCARE. This service allows patients using the medications RoActemra (Roche), Norditropin (Novo Nordisk), Benepali (Biogen Idec) and Nordimet Methotrexate (Nordic), to return their full sharps bin to the pharmacy and be given an empty one to take home following registration of the patient with PHARMACYCARE. Pharmacists can record the return or supply of a sharps bin on our in-house developed Patient Management System which can be easily accessed on the dispensary computer. Using the information gathered from the IT system, Hibernian Healthcare will pay the pharmacist €20 for every sharps bin the patient returns.


The Script Management Service will be rolled out as the second phase of this endeavour. This will allow pharmacists to record the collection of patient's prescriptions from the pharmacy and send out reminder texts for those that are not collected.


Adherence Coaching will be the third stage in PHARMACYCARE. This service aims to give pharmacists the necessary tools to empower their patients to take responsibility for their own health. This will be carried out by giving pharmacists free access to e-learning material on Adherence Coaching as well as modules on the specific disease state.


Most patients meet their pharmacist more than any other healthcare professional, and with this in mind, the goal of PHARMACYCARE is to improve the relationship between pharmacist and patient while also providing a cost effective way to pharma companies in supporting adherence to their medicines.


To register your pharmacy with PHARMACYCARE and begin providing a more supportive healthcare experience for your patients please contact our office on 01 460 4820

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