Pharmacycare is a new initiative that we are providing with Pharmacies nationwide in association with the Irish Pharmacy Union.

Medication Administration

Administering medication for patients who may be unable to do so themselves.

Telephone Support

Contacting patients and receiving calls providing answers to any questions they may have

Compliance Texts

Texts being sent to patients to ensure they are using their medication on the correct days or time between.

Perfectly place at the heart of the community,  pharmacists are in an ideal position to provide services supporting patients with medication compliance and adherence. Most patients meet their pharmacist more than any other healthcare professional and Pharmacycare will make the most of this on-going contact.

Education for Administration

Education for administration of Nordimet is the newest service added to Pharmacycare. Pharmacists can now educate patients on self administering at home after completion of some online training with some pre-existing conditions.

Sharps Management Service

Sharps management was the first service added to pharmacycare where the patient will go to their local pharmacy to collect a new sharps or exchange a full bin for an empty bin or to drop of their last bin of the treatment. 

The whole process will be managed through the Hibernian Optik IT system which pharmacists can register or login at . For each service and or new patient that the pharmacy registers their will be a fee paid to the pharmacy.

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