Administration of Medicines Training

Hibernian Healthcare Administration of Medicines Training

The training course has launched and bookings are available at the following link     

Current Training Dates

We are pleased to announce a number of dates for:

  • Medicines Administration (Parenteral) – full day face to face 
  • Medicines Administration Techniques – refresher 2.5 hours (awaiting PCRS confirmation re inclusion in Pharmacy Training Grant scheme) This is to be confirmed.
  • CPR




We currently have no upcoming training dates. Please contact us for more information.


*venues subject to change

Please refer to our booking site for up to date information on course availability.

Places are filling rapidly. Should there be sufficient demand, more courses may be added.

Hibernian Healthcare is delighted to offer the Administration of Medicines training programme to pharmacists for 2018.

The techniques covered in this highly practical full day session include:


  • Sub-cutaneous injection
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Injecting with a pre-filled device
  • Drawing up from an ampule
  • Reconstituting medication and drawing up from a vial
  • Different injection sites  – deltoid, abdomen, vastus lateralis
  • Injecting adults
  • Injecting children


Learning these new techniques will equip you to administer vaccines and emergency medicines but also to “future proof” your skills in the wider area of medicines administration.



This year, we will again be offering a very flexible blended CPR programme. This will allow you to complete an online CPR module via the American Heart Association, attend the full day Administration of Medicines programme and then complete a two hour skills session and sign off. If you wish to provide an emergency medicines service for adults and children, you will need to complete CPR training to cover infant and child CPR.


Training Requirements For 2018

PSI training requirements will be available on the website for the current season. There is a welcome move to pharmacists being empowered to self-assess their face to face training needs once they have completed the Medicines Administration (Parenteral) programme.


  • Pharmacists who completed Medicines Administration (Parenteral) training should self-assess their competence in the various skills covered at the face to face training. They can choose to re- attend the Medicines Administration course or we are offering a 2.5 hour skills session which will refresh all of the core skills covered in the full day course.
  • Pharmacists who completed Medicines Administration (Parenteral) training must repeat the full day course if they wish to administer a vaccine or emergency medicine via a route, i.e. intramuscular or subcutaneous through which they have:
    • not previously administered, or
    • not practised in the previous twelve months, or
    • not been trained in the previous twelve month
  • Pharmacists who have provided influenza vaccination for two of the last four years, but have not attended Medicines Administration (Parenteral) training, can continue to administer only Influenza vaccine providing they maintain their CPR in date and complete the relevant online modules via IIOP.
  • There is an ongoing CPR requirement (biannual) and a range of specific online modules which are certified for 2 years (Influenza is annual).



Further information on required training courses is available on the PSI website

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