Customize Your Training

CPR & AED Training

This course is designed for anyone who wants to be able to help in an emergency situation where CPR is required.

You will learn the basics of CPR for Adults and Children, compression’s and breaths, use of barrier devices, how to use an AED, and more.

Community First Responder

This course is a PHECC (Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council) course and offers a very comprehensive 4.5 hour course on how to deal with heart attacks, cardiac arrests, FBOA (choking) and strokes.  It is vital for anybody who wishes to be trained and certified in CPR and AED usage in their workplace, club or community. 

First Aid Responder

This Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) certified course has replaced the QQI/FETAC certified ‘Occupational First Aid’ course for equipping workplace first aiders to deal with the most common medical emergencies.

Medicines for Listed Organisations

This training is for businesses, schools, hotels, sports facilities, or any organisation. It allows you to register to hold selected medication and to be training to administer this medication in the case of an emergency within your organisation.

Anaphylaxis Training

This course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with an understanding of anaphylaxis, its recognition and frontline treatment.

You will learn the definition of anaphylaxis, they symptoms, its treatment, adverse event reporting and more.


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