Venepuncture and Cannulation


The goal of the one day Venepuncture and Cannulation (V&C) workshop programme is to produce a practitioner who is capable and competent, in performing venepuncture and intravenous cannulation in a safe manner for both the patient and client in the workplace . This is an 8 hour workshop completed in one sitting with Category 1 An Bord Altranais Approval.

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The aim of this one-day workshop is to extend, and enhance the knowledge of Venepuncture and Cannulation skills for registered nurses.



The objectives of the programme are that each participant will:


Methods of Learning:


Contents of the One Day Workshop Programme:


Summary of Venepuncture & Cannulation Requirements:

  1. The Venepuncture & Cannulation Workshop provides the candidate with the principles and operation of venepuncture and cannulation in adults, it’s a requirement to attend for the full workshop day.
  2. An online e-learning module component must be completed prior to attending the workshop. All details will be emailed to candidates using email address provided prior to the start date.
  3. As part of the post workshop training process, each candidate will have to be assessed by a competent assessor in the workplace performing venepuncture & cannulation skills in conjunction with local policy.  The clinical assessor must sign that the person is proficient to undertake venepuncture and cannulation skills, in conjunction with local hospital policy or GP policy.





Upcoming Event Dates:

Dates will be released mid summer 2017.

Call to book your place now or to find out further information.

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